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Duo Bookings


As mentioned in my Q & A section, this Latina is a married woman and not ashamed to admit it. My husband is fully aware of everything I do and even joins me for bookings when it's requested. If you would like to book both of us, he is more than willing to join us and he is currently the only duo booking I offer. I'm generally a private person, and haven't developed any friendships with other escorts or met any in person, only on social media. So if you're looking for two girls, I won't be able to help you there.


I realize having another male involved isn't everyone's cup of tea, but there are plenty who do drink from that particular cup of tea.  There are a number of ways these scenarios can play out, and we're willing to enjoy most of them. I will say however that he is straight and will not be directly physically involved with another male, but is comfortable in all other aspects. Depending on your preferences, he can be physically involved or not. If you're looking for some kind of cuckold fantasy, regardless of which role you'd like to play, my husband is versatile and therefore willing to play either role. He can be the cuck and watch all the fun as it plays out, or you can be in the cuck chair as you watch us enjoy our bodies in ways only we know how. Or...we can all three be involved and enjoy the fun together. 

If you would like to book both of us, this must be planned in advance to ensure all schedules align. Simply let me know when you make initial contact if you would like my husband to accompany me. A few photos of us together are pictured above for your consideration and curiosity. 

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